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Self-studing secrets

Polyglots’ secret

Most of the polyglots are those crazy individuals to devote any free minute to study languages. If you happen to wonder how they could master so many (usually from 2 to dozens) foreign languages, you should look at the sportsmen. What is funny in my advice, most probably no one will be surprised that the successful sportsman is that one who trains regularly much beyond ordinary people’s limit. Why are we then so surprised in case of the polyglots? The successful polyglot, that is the one who managed to learn some languages on the communicative level never become one without regular and tough training. And by saying “tough” I do not mean painstaking but extensive, requiring a doze of effort, sometimes a lot of effort since we naturally tend to quit.

Studying languages = sport

A bit funny, shocking, ridiculous statement? No matter how trivial it may be, it simply works. Just imagine an ordinary guy taking into e.g. running. With the regularity of trainings once a week do not count on good results, on any exceptional achievement. The same is with studying languages. Do not get frustrated that you cannot master a language if you open the coursebook once a week. Continue reading

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