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Make the learning harder

Make your learning harder to make it easier

With the popular tendency to make your learning process easier, my statement may sound strange. But there is nothing wrong with it. If you want to learn effectively, there are some aspect of learning you simply shouldn’t skip. I understand that for a very busy person all ready-to-use language learning resources are very tempting and time saving gadgets but in fact, they do more harm than help. Let me explain why.

Learning traps

Let’s have a look at popular flash cards. It is a very popular way of learning any language and many firms offer ready to print or already nicely printed flash cards. The dark side of using them is the fact that Continue reading

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Learning languages – motivation

Motivation is essential

Learning languages is not an exception to this well known truth. Yet, the questions remain: How can we motivate people to learn languages? How can you find good motivation for yourself?

There are at least a few universal reasons for learning languages. I will mention only those, the most important ones, exactly those, which drove my education since I started studying Spanish.

Travelling broadens your mind – cliché… but true!

Spanish attractions in Malaga. Agave growing in front of the Malaga airport.

Agave in Malaga. My first Spanish experience.

The desire to visit Spain was exactly my first, strong and decisive driving force, which made me grab a Spanish course book and start studying Spanish. Continue reading

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