Polish translator from Poland - Pawel Jasinski

Hello accidental visitors,

To satisfy your curiosity this is my short but not simple description:

Name: Paweł Jasiński

Age: 37 (varies depending on the interlocutor)

Sex: not complaining… er… that is male, male it is, Alpha-male definitely

Address: Warsaw, Poland (depending on a current mission)

Education: started in 1979 in a Polish kindergarten and still learning. The last project – getting MA in translations (almost done)

Occupation: one-man orchestra (soldier, teacher, translator, SEO specialist, web designer, travel guide, occasional offender against world peace)

Hobby: foreign languages in general, Spanish in particular, military environment – ‘cause boys love gadgets

Marital status: active husband

Martial status: active serviceman

I’m busy with: research papers on translation errors, two little home-grown terrorists, one voluntary married terrorist-in-command, day dreaming about a house in the mountains, SEO  for Linguistic Atelier, developing my own e-learning platform to support language teaching in the military

I like: Polish flag and the soil, Spanish language melody, Latin music, my Greek and Italian friends, morning coffee – this 10 minutes before your kids notice you are awaken

I’d love to: socialize with you, what the heck, let’s give it a try!

What I can offer: the best quality translations from the field of politics and military life (Polish to English and English to Polish), optimization of your site and viral promotion in the social media, occasional chats and sharing experience.

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