Best time to learn

When you learn, time matters

Today, I would like to write about most suitable time for learning in general. Reading in a foreign language - language coachingIt’s not a coincidence that most of the schools are open from morning hours till early afternoon or evening if they have a long lunch break. The fact that children’s parents are at work this time is only a side factor here. Our natural biological life-cycle matters here more. We think better in the morning than in the afternoon. During the day we have more daylight too, which influences our mood and focus. Of course, there are no universal hours for learning for everybody, but there is a general rule you may follow and find out whether it suits you or not. If you tried morning learning and you didn’t find it fortunate, just try evening sessions.

Morning brain

Morning coffee with a foreign language - language coachingIf you start your day with morning coffee at home or on the way to your work, most probably you have already noticed that it kicks you off for some hours of morning activities. This time is the best time for any mentally challenging work. That’s why your empoyer is more willing to let you out earlier than to tolerate you being late again. Your mental work in the mornings is simply better. Yes, I know, some people work from early morning and have no time for morning sessions with the coursebook… Come on! – It’s just an excuse. Just wake up 30 minutes earlier and make the first step! By your usual time of getting up you would  have already had your coffee, breakfast, some notes done, vocabulary from the previous day revised and a clear picture of the current day in your mind.

No time to waste

I will sound a bit paranoic but you loose quite much time everyday. I do not question those moments of pleasure, of whatever you do to relax yourself in your leisure time. I do question those meaningless, mind-numbing moments in front of a TV screen, watching TV series you won’t remember the very next day. I object those Internet surfing sessions when the only outcome is another silly picture you saw and a blister on your finger. If you really enjoy it and it is your “relaxation tool”, just make it beneficial to your learning goals. Make a challange out of your web surfing and browse your target language sites. Watch your favourite series in a foreign language. You will be surprised how much you understand from the series even if they are dubbed.

Programme to foreign languge

Whatever you do in the morning it programmes you for the rest of the day. Programme yourself into the foreign language. Catch a phrase or two from the target language news or newspaper and refer to it, play with it during the day several times.

Foreign language coaching - reading comprehension

The following day, when you are awaken half an hour earlier again, it will come to your mind immediately and the reward smile will be assisting you for the rest of the day.

I believe that by this momment you have the sense of what I call language coaching. The resemblance between my language coaching methods and a boot camp is not a coincidence. The results are similar too – handling any language automatically, almost instinctively 🙂

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One thought on “Best time to learn

  1. I love staying in bed late so this method won’t work for me 🙂 I prefer evenings to read anything, but in the mornings I drive a lot and then I listen to some recordings in German.

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