Starting point

Spain - start of the trip. The best spot to start a trip in spain.

Life-time trip – starting point

It’s been some months since I decided to write a blog. I do post occasional articles on two other blogs, but it’s rather business than pure pleasure there. And I avoid heavy pictures and too many visuals there because content goes first. Here, with the more private platform I can afford to describe my personal experience with languages and anything related to other cultures, which I was fascinated by.

Barcelona, Spain

This is the place where the whole story starts. It was my destination of the first trip in 2013. Those, familiar with the city, undoubtedly recognized the Barcelona beach from the header picture taken there. This is the view, which made me wonder on the concept of working globally. And by saying globally, I mean moving around and working there rather than living in one place and working on-line. I know that writing some papers or analysis for your, let’s say American employer doesn’t take a trip to America. I can perfectly finish the task from home in Poland, but… it’s not as pleasant as living there and working there.

Barcelona beach - must be tourist attraction in spain

Barcelona beach – must see tourist attraction in Spain

The breath taking, inspiring views at the places you are staying in are only one reason for moving somewhere, following your job. The other reason is the culture  in every sense of the word. No matter how many original movies you watch, how many local newspapers you subscribe. Without moving abroad, you won’t even notice the existence of Mr. Juan (local grocery seller) who frequently shouts “ojalá” whenever I wish him a good night, neither will you notice little Pedrito running with a rocket-shaped pen and shouting “capitán del espacio!” Do you know what I mean? You must be there to taste the country, to understand all the details, all local niceties.

The book to blame

Picture of the novel by Ruiz Zafón: "La sombra del viento"It was not a coincidence that I started the blog with Barcelona. This heart of Cataluña is the city I frequently visit, this is the place, which hosted action of my favourite book. My favourite and the first book read in Spanish – “La sombra del viento” by Ruiz Zafón. That book I read many years ago made come to Spain and since then frequently visit this beautiful country. Admirable views, great melody of the language used, warm climate, and many other factors were a perfect motivation to start studying Spanish.

And here I am again. Several years have passed. I mastered Spanish, polished my English, tried several other languages. Each time I took into something it was connected with the place (the country) I was visiting. Now, I can share my experience with the readers. I can describe the ways I learned foreign languages and the places I visited.

My experience with Spanish will be the first to work on.

The picture of the book derived from:

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